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Through music we have the ability to raise the consciousness of the planet. My vision is to play and make music I enjoy despite of the definition of genres, cultural phenomenons or musical boundaries. I write songs, produce and play several instruments while singing on top of it and I do it in the name of joy, love and appreciation for all that is. My albums are now exclusively available on my website only and I hope that you will find great joy in taking part of my musical and humanitarian journey. Together we have the power to heal and I believe it is our human obligation to aspire to do so. Whether through dancing, painting, through studying science or biology or working on solving and resolving everyday challenges, my hope is that we through compassion, love and loyalty will come closer together to create a world where we work in harmony with ourselves, our families, our communities and with nature. My music is part of something my soul has been wanting me to create and I've been doing my best to listen to what it had to say and to make it manifest within the best of my abilities. There is more to come and recently I've been working with other artists to help their vision come true as well. 

Peace & Blessings, 


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